2021 Executive Board Elections

Thurs. April 8th @ 7pm (Zoom mtg.)

The Friends of Reed Executive Board election slate will be finalized on Wednesday April 7th at 7:00am. If you are interested in running for a 2021-2022 school year Executive Board position, you must send an email by midnight April 6th to start the vetting process:  



Click here to run for an office or to join/chair a committee!


President / Co-Presidents 

• Meets regularly with WRMS Principal.

• Sets fundraising calendar with WRMS Principal and keeps goals in focus.

• Presides over monthly FOR meetings. 

• Communicates with PTSA and FIHP.

• Supports each Exec. Board Member and helps recruit new volunteers.


• Chief Financial Officer for FOR.

• Confirms annual operating budget.

• Keeps accurate accounts of all FOR financial transactions in Quickbooks.

• Distributes monthly balance sheets and supporting reports to the Exec. Board and Principal.

• Prepares all checks for dispersing funds for FOR.

• Supports outside Accountant prepare annual tax return.


• Sets agenda for monthly FOR meetings.

• Keeps and maintains record of minutes of FOR meetings.

• Files any required insurance forms for events.

• Ensures all necessary insurance is up-to-date.


Communications Chair 

• Writes and distributes FOR newsletter.

• Oversees website and social media accounts.

• Maintains GuideStar non-profit profile.


• Maintains current info on website.

• Supports distribution of FOR newsletter.

Fundraising Chair

• Oversees the FOR Annual Giving Campaign Committee.

• Oversees Corporate Matching procedures.